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About Lifescape

Even in the most civilised societies gaps exist through which individuals can fall. Many people leave education with limited or no qualifications, some drift into criminality or substance issues, the least fortunate can end up living on the streets.

Without the right opportunities or because of a few ill-advised decisions that could be anyone of us. To turn away, to make assumptions about that persons value or their potential is simply wrong.

We teach all our employees skills and trades, and introduce them to environments through which they can learn how best to function as part of a team and develop as individuals.

Lifescape work on projects for businesses and organisations which rejuvenate their surroundings. From graffiti removal, to hedge trimming, to litter picking, to grounds maintenance. And many more services in between.

By using Lifescape, not only are your physical environments enhanced and transformed, but you are playing a part in the rebuilding of broken lives. The re-writing of stories the endings of which had been assumed.

All monies that are generated from our projects are re-invested into the people who bring them to life. For the organisation employing Lifescape, for you it might just be an overdue site renovation, for the individuals carrying out the work, it’s another step towards a new and better life.

Grounds Maintenance

Soft and Hard Landscaping

Tree Work